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About Us

Holy Smoke comprises a team of experts at the top of their respective fields, who’ve combined forces to create the ultimate Medical Cannabis Team. With decades of combined experience and know-how across every aspect of the cannabis industry, Holy Smoke is the team to trust to deliver the highest quality and widest variety of Medical Cannabis products.


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Meet Our Team

By understanding the increase in general of internet purchasing over the past couple of years, we understood that the same challenges we face in Israel, to provide the best products and services, applies equally to countries around the world where Medical Cannabis is legal. We have the know-how and necessary skills to offer our global partners and everyone along the intricate supply chain a more straightforward, more precise, streamlined, user-friendly experience. That means we can provide the best cannabis products to any market and can tweak and finely-tune all aspects to suit the target market’s specific needs. This includes varying THC and CBD levels, ranging from mild to potent, different types of oils and extracts, and even things like terpene profiles and market preferences. 

Thanks to our recent partnership with the Mabsut Group, we now benefit from more combined knowledge and experience, enabling us to fully embrace the vast opportunities offered by online reach. With the Mabsut Group, Holy Smoke can now deliver a multi-networked, interconnected platform, bringing the most comprehensive variety, best quality flowers, extracts, and a smooth, efficient, and simple digital experience for customers and suppliers alike safely, securely, and legally. 

One of Holy Smoke’s goals has been to improve market pathways, selection, and quality of medical cannabis for the Israeli patient market. Through decades of collective experience, intimate knowledge of the Israeli market, government regulations, and medical standards and protocols, Holy Smoke finds itself in a unique position. It’s our new mission to extend our expertise and knowledge, whether through mutual collaborations, consultation, or through the supply of the finest medical cannabis products from Israel to the rest of the world. 

Our new relationship with the Mabsut Group, one of Israel’s largest fintech and digital marketing entities, helped us to encompass the most advanced technical and financial platforms into our pre-existing business models. At Holy Smoke, we’re proud that,  based on astute observations, combining the expertise of our team in the relevant fields, we have modified, polished, and streamlined the mechanisms by which products are made available and delivered to clients to the point where we feel we need to share our experience and products globally. Utilizing all of these resources enables us to enjoy fruitful connections and the opportunity to test and distribute therapeutically relevant products.

As such, our mission is to ensure the highest quality Medical Cannabis products and derivatives, both locally produced and imported, cost-effectively, with speed and ease, as well as to afford these products to expanding markets around the world, and in full compliance with global GAP and GMP regulatory standards.

clinical Trials

Seach Medical Group executes breakthrough clinical trials with leading research institutions, with the goal of developing innovative and high-quality cannabis products for the good of the patients. The company’s mission is to shed light on the various properties of cannabis in order to develop proof-based body of knowledge on the medical effects of new cannabis products on different medical indications.

Our products have been developed together with years of experience to give patients the best available medical cannabis that is also most suited to treat particular symptoms no matter where they’re located. Due to strictures imposed by the Israeli Ministry of Health, cannabis products must be categorized according to their type and strength. This is coded according to active compounds in the cannabis plant, classified as T, which describes the percentage of THC, and C, which describes the percentage of CBD in the product, be it flora-based or oil. The genetics of the products are also specified, noting whether they are Sativa strains – associated with daytime medicinal use or Indica strains – associated with nighttime use. 

Our range of products includes both cannabis flowers and extracts and the ability to package individually or in bulk for international clients. This service includes packaging featuring the original brand’s design or with a private label. All of our products have been rigorously tested and approved to be well categorized stable, and consistent Medical Cannabis products, in full compliance with global GAP and GMP regulatory standards.


Potent by nature,
nurtured by technology


Pure extracts in a
blend of vegetable oils

Advanced consumer goods

Reinventing cannabis

Over the years, we have noticed different trends when it comes to the cannabis market – both domestically in Israel and internationally. The Israeli cannabis patient is very savvy when it comes to the price and quality of the medication they purchase, and this also applies to consumers in the USA, Europe, and around the world. This means that the safe, secure, and efficient import and export of medical cannabis products are becoming more and more significant. 

The global need for the highest quality products, novel strains, and new innovations is increasing. Holy Smoke stands perfectly poised to meet these needs and to offer our unique expertise and business acumen in the medical cannabis industry. The Holy Smoke team is constantly on the lookout for quality products from around the world, which we will import for the massive Israeli cannabis market. At the same time, we are also exporting the finest-quality, highly regulated, and consistent cannabis products manufactured in Israel, including flowers, extracts, oils to the rest of the world (in countries where it’s legal).

Our deep understanding of the medical cannabis market and associated regulations has enabled Holy Smoke to develop a unique and streamlined operation for Israeli patients’ online medical purchases. Our model offers Israeli patients a tailor-made service, saving them the time and hassle of needing to physically visit the pharmacy. More than that, we match specific products to meet patients’ needs according to their license type. This includes the active compound (THC/CBD) strength their license entitles them to and differentiates between flowers and oils or extracts. Our website also facilitates the identification/approval process that is incumbent on all patients under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH). As there’s so much room for error when it comes to purchasing medical cannabis online, our tried and tested software connects patients with the Ministry of Health, local pharmacies, and delivery services. 

The Holy Smoke experts also assist with the various stringent regulations associated with the import and export of medical cannabis. Due to our years of combined expertise, we have deciphered the trade’s different legal and regulatory requirements, from the supply chain through to logistics, manufacturing, and delivery.  

We’re excited to finally bring our market know-how from Israel to the rest of the world in our efforts to make access to medicinal and medical cannabis products as simple and straightforward as possible for people from all walks of life who need it most. 

As more and more countries globally legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, and with the increased demand for online orders and deliveries in the wake of the pandemic, the Holy Smoke operation is here to meet international demands and to deliver the best products available on the market at competitive prices.

When nature meets pharma

Professional experience of over a decade in treating thousands of patients has provided Seach with valuable insights into the unique needs of medical cannabis patients. Along with vast horticulture experience and access to a wide range of cannabis strains which were developed in accordance to the patients indications, has enabled the company to create “Nitzan”, Seach’s Medical Group’s GMP-compliant home brand.



Holy Smoke - A Name You Can Trust

Thanks to decades of combined experience, Holy Smoke is a name you can trust in the sometimes unclear global medical cannabis industry. Holy Smoke is your trusted partner in Israel, and our domestic market reach and abilities open your business up to a new world of potential opportunities. Tens of thousands of Israeli medical patients are hungry for new products and those of superior quality. We can also supply precise genetics to those interested in importing, cultivating, or selling rarer strains or specially formulated hybrids.