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Holy Smoke comprises a team of experts at the top of their respective fields, who’ve combined forces to create the ultimate Medical Cannabis Team. With decades of combined experience and know-how across every aspect of the cannabis industry, Holy Smoke is the team to trust to deliver the highest quality and widest variety of Medical Cannabis products.

Thanks to years of experience, having been intimately involved in the Israeli Medical Cannabis program, we are the experts for all matters relating to world-class cannabis standards as outlined by Israeli ministry regulations. With its highly sophisticated and robust Medical Cannabis program, Israel has been the pioneer for patients who need and rely on the plant and, as a country, has proudly fought diligently for the rights of Medical Cannabis patients and their plight.  

The system in Israel leaves little room for error when it comes to cultivating, growing, manufacturing, storing, and distributing the finest quality, government-regulated Medical Cannabis products to wholesalers and pharmacies, for distribution to pharmacies. Obtaining a license within any of these tiers in Israel is an exacting, strictly controlled procedure, and each step is stringently regulated to industry standards. This guarantees that only the highest-grade products reach suppliers and patients. 

As Holy Smoke is fully licensed across all of the regulated tiers, we are permitted to operate and trade in Medical Cannabis, including flora, extracts, oils, and more. But way more than just the mechanics of obtaining the highest level of licensing, the process over the years has enabled the Holy Smoke team to gain unique insights into the industry as well as close contacts with a vast network of the most influential people in Medical Cannabis circles. Our knowledge of the laws and regulations spans 20 years and includes intimate familiarity with international Medical Cannabis laws, regulations, and standards. 

Years of work have gone into the system created by Holy Smoke, bringing the team to the unique position of providing tried and tested, verified Medical Cannabis brands available to any patient in the world who has a license and where the medication is legal. This makes Holy Smoke the ultimate global partner for all Medical Cannabis needs, delivering the final product in full compliance with global GAP and GMP regulatory standards.


By understanding the increase in general of internet purchasing over the past couple of years, we understood that the same challenges we face in Israel, to provide the best products and services, applies equally to countries around the world where Medical Cannabis is legal. We have the know-how and necessary skills to offer our global partners and everyone along the intricate supply chain a more straightforward, more precise, streamlined, user-friendly experience. That means we can provide the best cannabis products to any market and can tweak and finely-tune all aspects to suit the target market’s specific needs. This includes varying THC and CBD levels, ranging from mild to potent, different types of oils and extracts, and even things like terpene profiles and market preferences. 

Thanks to our recent partnership with the Mabsut Group, we now benefit from more combined knowledge and experience, enabling us to fully embrace the vast opportunities offered by online reach. With the Mabsut Group, Holy Smoke can now deliver a multi-networked, interconnected platform, bringing the most comprehensive variety, best quality flowers, extracts, and a smooth, efficient, and simple digital experience for customers and suppliers alike safely, securely, and legally. 

When the Holy Smoke team came together, we spent a lot of time specifically identifying the various stages involved in taking products from “seed-to-sale.” As such, we verified what works and what fails in the realm of increasing efficiency and encouraging accessibility to Medical Cannabis products. As we do now, we understood then that one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle is to streamline the sourcing, assembly, and distribution of products, as this is of utmost importance. We also operate in full compliance with the wide range of global GAP and GMP regulatory standards. 

Domestically speaking, to better understand Holy Smoke’s experience and expertise, we identified that the online purchasing experience in Israel did not perform well digitally nd proved to be a cumbersome, partial solution.  This cumbersome step, be it for inventory clarification (adjustment/notification) or credit card verification, takes a workforce time and energy, thereby slowing down the overall process and providing the patient/buyer a poor online experience. Furthermore, we noticed the urgent need for centralized information on the availability and range of stocks at multiple suppliers. Since there is a vast number of products available and numerous producers, some customers are confused as to where they can find the products they are seeking, all making for an inferior service and end-product.


Certified Quality

IMC-GAP – Seach Medical Group farm in Israel was the first to be certified with the “IMC-GAP propagation and cultivation” standard. The company supplies IMC-GAP medical cannabis products to pharmacies under the new reform since 2018.

IMC-GMP –The products of Seach Medical Group in Israel are manufactured, packaged, and certified according to the IMC-GMP standard.

ISO 9001: 2015 – International standard for quality management. Seach Medical Group holds this standard as of 2016.

GACP – Seach Medical Group operates in accordance with WHO guidelines on good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) for medicinal plants.


Holy Smoke - A Name You Can Trust

Thanks to decades of combined experience, Holy Smoke is a name you can trust in the sometimes unclear global medical cannabis industry. Holy Smoke is your trusted partner in Israel, and our domestic market reach and abilities open your business up to a new world of potential opportunities. Tens of thousands of Israeli medical patients are hungry for new products and those of superior quality. We can also supply precise genetics to those interested in importing, cultivating, or selling rarer strains or specially formulated hybrids.